Friday, March 28, 2008


I have mentioned a few times here, and on Ravelry, that I am currently driving around in a Yarnmobile.
This is because, in the midst of packing up my house for the Renovation Project, I sorta panicked about the current WIPs and decided that they needed to be "protected" along with all my important papers, and stashed them in the back of my truck. I knew that a day of reckoning was coming, though, and today was the day. With the help of my lovely assistant, Audrey-Vanna, I hauled all 7 of the bags out of their mobile safekeeping and piled them on the sofa. The topmost picture is the "long view" of sofa and lovely assistant. (She's sitting in a "Rainforest Jumperoo" by the way, a wonderful invention for keeping small babies amused. Every time she bounces, it makes lights and noises and music. I'm really tired of every sound it makes, but she isn't, and she's in love with the concept of cause-and-effect.)

So anyway. Closeups include some of my new yarns, like my pretty Kauni from Webs. And my STR and Yarn Pirate club yarns.

Yummies! The Wool-Ease isn't there. Don't look at it. It's gonna be hats for the granddaughters, maybe. Another year. All of this uncommitted yarn is now living in a big ol' Target bag and will go in Miss A's closet for safekeeping, along with my valuable papers. Cause everyone needs to clutter up their grandkids' closets with their personal crap!

The other bags are going to come with me. Oh, yes, did I mention (for the 400th time) that I leave for Asilomar in the morning? Yay for clean air, fresh ocean air--the conference grounds are right on the beach--and nothing to worry about but my quilting. I'm leaving the house project in the capable hands of D4--hey, she can yell at the contractor at least as loudly as I can! I know I won't have much knitting time while I'm there, but there will be times (like the evening programs) when I will want to knit a bit. And yes, I will try to post regularly from there--it's such a great experience that I really do want to share it! Go here for details!

I will close with a vignette from Easter, showing our ice cream cake.

Hey, it's a yellow "peanut" m & m, but ice cream--all the way through, except for a couple of layers of fudge. With mini m&m candies inside.

And a knife in its middle.

What can I say, we are a sick family.

Well, how else do you cut a cake? Huh?


La said...

you're saving me a piece of that right?


LINDA said...

Have a great time, do NOT think about the house and be safe!
That ice cream cake was delish!

DPUTiger said...

Have a wonderful time with all of my favorite people. I am quite jealous ... someday ... :)

Ellen Bloom said...

Have a great time! I look forward to some beautiful photos from Asilomar.

P.S. I'm salivating at the yarn pic...yum!

Madge said...

Hope you're having a grand time at Asilomar! Yay for getaways!

And for that green STR. Mrowr.

Yarnmobile. *hee*