Saturday, March 22, 2008

More of Whatever

I know that this is supposed to be a knitting/quilting/crafting blog.

I apologize that the blog appears to have been hijacked into home renovation and cute babies.

Well, not really.

I mean, is this the cutest little sleepyhead? And would I love to be able to sleep like that??

Yes I would.

Here is the reason why I can't:

This is my bedroom. Freshly painted in pale pale blue.
It will be very restful, once it's all done.
Once I don't have to move piles of "stuff" and layers of plastic to get to the bed.

Okay, here's a different spot. This is the new shower in the "back" bathroom downstairs. Tile is laid in the proper orientation, floor tile is in, edging is up.

I like.

We are currently shopping for shower fixtures, towel bars, medicine cabinet. Just for this one room.

The tile floors are done, grouted and ready. The painters have begun patching and the plasterers have been at work. We have two different textures of plaster in this house, in addition to the "plain" walls, so getting the texture right isn't the easiest thing. So far, it looks as though the repairs are spot on with the matching thing.

You can look at the Flickr photos for more details. I mean, I only want to hijack the blog for so long!

And here's Little Miss A in the first of her summer outfits:
Cute, eh? And she's too young to know that at this age, those chubby thighs are cute!

Finger food??


Ellen Bloom said...

Audrey is a little doll! So cute!

The bathroom tile looks great! Congrats!

Sheepish Annie said...

Yup...babies are good for keeping one all soothed while the rest of life is in chaos. It'll all be over soon and you'll be sleeping like a baby in your own home!

Knitting Linguist said...

I love the cute baby photos -- well worth the hijacking, really. Enjoy your quilting trip -- you definitely deserve the time away :) (I'm very amused that you remember Woonsocket -- so few people have even heard of it!!)