Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I certainly hope that you won't get tired of pictures like this:

because I'm planning on posting one every time I get a truckload of goodies to take to the thrift shop! Now, granted, this isn't as big a load as some of the others, but I've been working "wounded." That's 5 bankers' boxes and a whole lotta magazines gone, outta here!

More progress: Montrose Monday yielded some incentive to bring along the CPH.

The shoulders are now sewn, and I'm about an inch into the hood. I'm planning to carry the cables from the center back right up the back of the hood; the reason they look a little wonky in this picture is because they're ready to be crossed. For some reason, one of the front cables didn't get crossed when it should have, so after I had finished the shoulder seams and picked up the stitches for the hood, I had to drop back down a few rows and re-cross the cable on the right row.
Worth the effort, though. The color on these pictures is much lighter than it is in person--it's a nice deep red with lots of tweedy dryer lint...er, flecks. Yeah, flecks, that's it.When my kids were little, they had a cute little book called "My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes."
There were rhyming couplets (with adorable sketches to illustrate each one) like, "The cat from France likes to sing and dance," always with the refrain, "but my cat likes to hide in boxes."
Simon says, what? Doesn't everyone like to get all snug in a box?


Sheepish Annie said...

Is there anything cuter than a kitty in a box? No. There is not. I think that every box should have a kitty in it.

Ellen Bloom said...

Your CPH looks great! LOVE the tweediness of the burgundy yarn.

The cat....aaaatchooooo!

Madge said...

Congrats on the trip to the thrift store! And on picking CPH back up. You're sooo close to having a FO.

Simon is just so darn cute I wanna squeeze him.

mary said...

Yay for CPH getting a hood and on for the thrift store run. You're getting closer and closer!

LINDA said...

Hooray for goals met! I can't wait to see your CPH! Simon is such a cute little model.

Anonymous said...

None of the cats I know would prefer dancing to box-sitting. Those crazy French--as the saying goes, "they have a different word for everything!"