Thursday, January 24, 2008

Picture Day

What do you think a wee little mehitabel would have looked like? Would you guess this:

the funny story attached to this picture is that the photographer apparently liked it well enough to display it in his window. Last I heard, it was there almost 30 years after it was taken.
I mean, would that entice you to bring your child in?

Well, maybe if you permed her hair into oblivion and added a bow almost the same size as she!

This was age 3, taken to send to my dad who was still in France with the Army.

Or maybe this, with the "baby brother" which pegs the date at mmummble-mumble? He doesn't look too sure about this whole deal, but isn't he a cutie?

Rather more recent pictures, of the Grandcarrot at almost 20 months, with his new "friend." Hey, when you are stuck in a hotel, you amuse yourself the best you can, right?


Look, I remembered that this is supposed to be a knitting blog!

Birch is found and actually got worked on in the plane on my way to the latest destination.

There will be news, I hope, of a very good kind. Please cross your fingers, say a prayer, make a wish, send good thoughts out our way.

Pretty please??



mary said...

What an adorable baby girl you were! No surprise of course.

good wishes, good wishes, good wishes

Ellen Bloom said...

Hahahaha! That bow IS almost as big as your head. So cute!!!!

LOVE "Birch"...divine!