Sunday, January 27, 2008

Now I've Seen Everything!

Spotted at a rest stop on the way home from the out-of-state trip:

Who on earth travels with a pig in the camper?

Yes, it's a pig. At a rest stop. Eating out of a saucepan.

Another view of the piggywig:

Garrett wasn't quite sure what to make of it, but he certainly took it in stride much better than the older folks.
Oh, it was cold and windy. Very windy. Very chilly, and we could see the mountains (Big Bear/Arrowhead area mountains) which were covered in snow. But the weather held, and we made wonderful time, and got home just before the deluge hit.

Nate has been held and cuddled by his aunties and uncle and has met his cousin Audrey--it was a mutual oblivion-fest. Just wait till they are older, though! As the 12th cousin in our family, he has lots more family to meet--and we know they will love him as much as we do.

Warning: if you haven't yet received your BMFA STR shipment yet, don't keep reading.

You've been warned.

Spoiler alert!!

I mean it!

Don't blame me...

There it is. I luv luv luv lurve it!!

Probably love it too much to make socks out of it... but isn't it purty??

Yeah, I think so too!


Knitting Linguist said...

I'm loving my yarn, too! It's almost too pretty to ball up. Almost (but I'll probably give in and do it tonight -- I'm not sure I can hold off much longer). I'm glad you guys made it back safely through this weather :)

Knitting Linguist said...

P.S. When I went to Cal, lots of people walked their dogs on campus. There was also one person who walked her (very big) pot-bellied pig, and a very small mutt. But I've never seen someone bring a pig on a road trip!

knitnzu said...

That pig is hilarious! (if you aren't a regular visitor to my blog, come by when the abc along gets to E... I've got a pig story)

Madge said...

Wow, that's... big pig. gorgeous skein of STR yarn! (must confess to just a little bit of jealousy - hehe - about this cool colorway...I'd have loved to have gotten a Chinese New Year themed package last year....)

mary said...

That is one hee-larious picture. I'm sure Garrett will agree when he is older too. He's adorable... um, Garrett, I mean.

Anonymous said...


Annette said...

That STR IS purdy! That is one fat pig! Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

OMG! a big pig at a rest stop....that is too strange. Love the STR, nice and cheerful