Friday, January 11, 2008

Mission: Possible 2008

Yes, I'm definitely a joiner. Like Madgik, I've joined a couple of Ravelry groups dedicated to Stash Management and Depletion and the Completion of Projects Mired in Terminal Cobwebbiness. Just to keep me honest, I'm going to post my goals here as well. I hope that it will lead to nudges and pokes in the ribs (not the sore ones, please!) and encouragement to get some of this accomplished.
Fanfare and flourish! Here goes:

1. Map of the World Sweater. Started in 1991. Needs to be sewn up and have a neckband knitted, about 8 rows I think. Caitlin still wants it.
2. The Sorbet Ab Fab. It’s my 6th or 7th one and I think I’m sick and tired of Colinette mohair.
3. The Mushroom Ab Fab. Maybe I’ll do a different design on this one, instead of the Feather and Fan I did for the others.
4. Audrey’s blankie. It’s gorgeous yarn, Lotus Knits’ Lullabye colorway. Needs to be done before Audrey goes away to college–she’s 8 weeks old already.
5. Laughing Carrots sweater for the Grandcarrot. I even have carrot-orange yarn to make it in.
6. Yet Another Endless Comfort Shawl. This one is half done. It’s LB Jiffy and will be colorful and cheerful, although the two variegated colorways are not even remotely siblings.
7. The Damn CPH. Needs to be sewn together so the hood can be knitted. Meighan wants it. If it doesn’t fit her, it’s going to Conn. and I’ll start another one for Meg.
8. Lady Eleanor I. Needs blocking and fringe.
9. Lady Eleanor II. Needs blocking and fringe.
10. Lady Eleanor III. Still knitting. Still loving the Rowan Tapestry.
11. Birch. In KSH no less, in luscious Liqueur. On its way to being my second-oldest UFO. Or third. Who keeps track? I can barely remember my kids’ birthdays, let alone my knitting’s.
12. Paris Scarf–Sea Silk in the Paris colorway. Started on the way to Paris, France, and looking really pretty. Just needs some TLC and time to remember the pattern. (Doesn’t help to get something done when you leave the pattern on a BA flight and break the needles in Nice. It’s now on a pretty rosewood circ and should get its share of time in the rotation. Ought to be good plane knitting for my trip East next week.)

There it is. I didn’t include the things that are done except for blocking, and I’m sure there are more things lurking out there in the stash. Especially the stash that’s in that OTHER ZIP code!

See that back there? That's More Yarn and it lives in storage. It has lots of company there--I counted 6 tubs, and that's just what's on top and easily visible.

Now do you see why I need this Stash Intervention Year??


Knitting Linguist said...

You are being so good! I don't dare look at my UFOs, as I would feel too guilty about all the things on my upcoming list (actually, I think I'm down to three right now, but I'm feeling pretty guilty about all of them). Did I also see you on the Ravelry group for the Lace In the Woods retreat? Guess what I put a deposit on this morning! See you there :)

mary said...

I think they're all doable but I'm exhausted reading about it. Gentle nudges from me, I promise, but less gentle, more corruptive nudges will come from me to start new projects with us! Slouchy cardigan? Lenore lace scarf? I'm sure I can think of tons more!

Madge said...

This year's the year we flex our knitting superpowers! FOs shall fly off our needles!

CatBookMom said...

Good resolutions, all. If you were to get those portable awnings again, we could have a blocking party in your nice big driveway! I'll bring pins and blocking squares.

You could pay me back by helping me to sew up my Ribby cardi.

Kate said...

That's a very 'brave' undertaking and I wish you success. My UFOs will wait until the humid weather has finished and I can stand picking up Mohair.

junie said...

The MOW now has both arms? Wow, let me know for the MLC blog. Hey, you will be the only person that ever finished MOW!

Yes, now I feel guilty and have to finish up several 'things' that have resided on needles for several years.