Monday, November 12, 2007


Oh, look! Shredding! At least this is the last of the big shreddy project, for a while.

Oh, that bag? The one hanging on the doorknob? Doesn't every knitter have a bag like this one--miscellaneous yarns and frogged projects and hopeful bits and pieces?
The bag is a tote from one of the Empty Spools Seminars at Asilomar, 2002 I think. I like a clear tote--except that everyone can see what you're toting around!

This one has a little pocket and, as I recall, I had put a picture of Simon in it. We'd just gotten him. I guess that was his first turn as a cat avatar (catvatar?). That's some blue laceweight, and some light blue KSH, and some KnitPicks wool for a beanie for my son-in-law, and some pink and lavender laceweight that was frogged about four times.

On to more pleasant things! Even though there was no mail delivery today, UPS was busy. My Webs order came! I guess, since I love everything in it, I'll have to forgive ET. This time.

The mystery yarn is Queensland Rustic Wool in a pretty shaded-red combo. It's got a strong hint of rose, but then that's what happens when you add white to red! It's a good blue-red, no yellow undertones at all.

And, my Kathmandu Aran arrived too. I got the darkish Sea Green and it will make a lovely sweater.
I'm all about the tweed lately.

Got an email from my friend Gail today that I thought I would share with you, this being Veterans' Day and all:

Happy Veteran's Day to all the vets I know and the families and friends who support them. If you have a moment, go to the website Xerox is sponsoring and send a free postcard note to a member of our armed services. It's quick and free so come on now...get to it! The link to it is . The site isn't political...not about whether you are for the war or against the war, but about your support of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines. Again, thanks to all who have served, who are serving, and the families and friends who support them, and a special thanks to Jon, Jessica and Joe...I love you all and I'm so proud of your service. Love, Gail/Mom

Thanks for sharing, Gail!


Madge said...

Tweed! Yay! Can you bring a ball tomorrow so I can see the color in person? That Rustic Wool is lovely, too...I didn't even see that on WEBS, which is probably a good thing....

Way to go on the shredding!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for new yarn....I love that Kathmandu DK, actually I just order myself some in brown.

Thanks for the link to the Veterans day cards.

Anonymous said...

Out with the old, in with the new...sounds like you're getting ready for the new year! Foosh

Ellen Bloom said...

That pinky, red color is driving me crazy! I just LOVE it!