Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Monday Miscellanies, Tuesday's Too!

Yesterday kind of got away from me so you'll have to bear with a kind of hodgepodge post today. Please?

The Great Stuff Clearout continues with mixed results. Here you see the back of my Purple People Mover, filled with "stuff" that's headed to new homes.
It was a Montrose Monday, and I spent some time Sunday night planning my route to maximize the delivery of the stuff BEFORE knitting, so I could enjoy the day with a clear conscience.
Met up with a friend to hand off those tubs. They are perfectly fine tubs, translucent so you can see what's inside of them--but the wrong size for me, alas. With my tendency to cram stuff in, they just get too heavy for my achy back to handle. So, adios! The rest of the stuff went to the Huntington Collection, which is the thrift store for the Huntington Hospital in Pasadena. Very conveniently on the way to Montrose!

Answering a question from one of the comments: I had shown the Yarn Pirate Merlot and had a question as to how it compares to the STR Lenore. Here they are side by side, and the color is reasonably true. They are both just amazingly deep, rich, winy colors and they make me happy!
We had a surprise visitor--our own Ellen Bloom came to knit with us, as did Slowknitter Wendy. We had a great turnout, including blogless Kille and baby Wyatt, but unfortunately, most of my pics didn't come out very well. You know, it's one thing to have an adult's eyes come out that demonic red, but a sweet little baby? No way!
We had a great lunch at Joselito's, which is turning into one of our Monday hangouts. There's just something about spending the morning hanging out knitting at the coffeehouse, then having a decadent lunch. Makes me feel postively spoiled!

Tuesday's frolics included some heavy-duty returns at the Mall of No Parking (they're redoing the parking lot to put in more shops--but why, oh why, couldn't they wait till after the holiday rush?) and then: quilt class!
Anne does this great Magic Tiles quilt--it's become a specialty of hers--she's taught it several times and keeps making new ones. This one has a Halloween theme, and tonight it got its quilting all done. She says she'll probably bind it on Friday, and she'll most likely use the purple fabric that's in the cornerstones. (Not a quilter? The cornerstones are those little squares in between the blocks.)

Ethel did this great block. It was supposed to be a 12.5" square, and guess what? It finished out to 12.5"! Ta Da! Keeping those triangle points crisp and pointy is a real challege and she did an excellent job!

There were some other great things going on, too. Gail was doing froggy stuff (with purple lily-pads yet), Louise was quilting some Thanksgiving table runners, and Rochelle has been working on a marvelous quilt with dreidls and other Hanukkah motifs in it. I would have taken pictures, but didn't get the camera out till things were almost all put away!

Now on to preparations for the holiday meal--more on that tomorrow!


DPUTiger said...

Thanks so much for the quilty pictures. I really miss my "running buddies" back in LA, and Anne seems to have stopped blogging :( I have one Magic Tile in need of a border and another set of fabric just waiting to be tiled. Someday ... :)

Ellen Bloom said...

I can't believe my photo got posted over a cute baby's photo!!! Wow! Thanks. I did have fun with the Eastside Chicks on Monday. Wish I could come every week!

Those quilts are spectacular!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sheepish Annie said...

I am so impressed with your clean up operation! You've really stuck to the plan and must have cleared a ton of space.

Someday, I am just going to pack up and head out west so we can knit together. Then we'll have lunch and go meet up with some quilting folks so I can learn how to do that. I'll just turn up one day...that won't be scary at all, right? :)

Madge said...

Happy turkey day to you and the clan! Hope you have a yummy, fun day.