Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Summertime Blahs

Babies in jail. The occasion was a birthday party at the park, and the "pen" was a good place to corral a couple of sleepy boys during the pinata-busting. Deryk (on the left) is 2 weeks older than Garrett.

They are a perfectly adorable pair.
Check out the Surfer Dude relaxing in his chair!
Can you tell I'm having a case of the summertime blahs?? Distracting you with cute baby pictures, which I didn't even take myself (they're lifted from D4 who is the dotingest of aunties).
There has, however, been knitting, just not the kind that makes for good pictures.
MS3 is now up to Row 119. If there's good TV on tonight, I might make it a few more rows. It isn't that I'm not enjoying it--it's a very good knit, the merino lace is just right for the #2 KP needles--it's just that I have to fight Padua for the chart. In fact, he's even drooled on it a couple of times, so I may have to re-print part of the chart. (It's two pages wide, so only half of it fits into the page protector. I'd add a second one, but then I wouldn't be able to move my marker up every time I finish a row.) (Well, if I could find my magnetic dooby, I could, but that's too much effort right now. It's hot.)(My current marker is two slices off a Macy's ad, scotch-taped together in the middle.)
Yesterday was a Montrose Monday, which is always a Good Thing. I was able to tink back four rows on the Rose Garden Shawl--did I mention that it had a problem on Sunday night? Something about knitting while playing with a Grandcarrot. Anyway, I had gotten te pattern "off" and rather than try to fudge it, I tinked back the four rows. Tinking Silk Rhapsody? Let's just say, it was not rhapsodical. Luckily Madgik, Mary, and MJ were not able to read the words in my head. Anyway, the shawl got corrected and is now back on track, and I was able to complete a few more repeats. Once it looks more like something, I'll take its picture again.
In other news, I am now pedometer-equipped, thanks to D4, and busily counting my steps. The goal is 10K a day. Right now, it's 7 pm and my total is at 2231. Sigh. I foresee a walk around the block a couple of times tonight--that measly total includes a trip to Party City for--wait for it!--party supplies (housewarming party for Anne) and a trip to San Gabriel Bead Co. for beads for another lace stole. Plus six loads of laundry.
Oh well, maybe my next post will be more interesting. Let's certainly hope so! Meantime, go on over to Anne's blog and check out the pictures of her darling kitten. Little Blackie needs a home quite desperately...


mary said...

Pictures of the grandcarrot rank right up there with pictures of knitting! So adorable. Hope your rose garden shawl is back on track.

Sheepish Annie said...

Hey, I'm easily distracted! What cute little babies you got there!