Sunday, June 03, 2007

Resolutions, and Goals, and Such-Like

What is it about a new month, especially one that will contain a season change, that makes us want to take stock of where we are and where we want to go? (Or is it just that, back from a long break from my daily life, I'm ready to take another look at that life?) Whatever it is, I'm falling for it, and ready to muse about what's ahead for this coming season.
But first, a semi-gratuitous cat photo. I wanted to take a picture of this afghan for Ellen, anyway, and last night Simon was posed just too fetchingly in the chair. (It always amuses me that he photographs so grey. I guess the flash lights up the white undercoat and shows through, cause in person he is definitely a black cat. A tuxedo cat!) Anyway, the story on this afghan is that I found it on the upper level, wayyy in the back, of an antique mall in Monrovia, one of those days when I'd taken Himself out for a bit of an airing and his favorite activity, Depression glass hunting. The afghan was in a heap on the floor, smelled funny, and has a couple of spots where it looks as if there might have been some heat damage. I rescued it--hey, $10 was a great price! Once it got run through the washer and dryer, it smelled great and was nice and soft. It's wool, nicely crocheted at a smallish gauge, and a good sub for the one I had made many long years ago which is now in some unknown location--may have been moved on, or else it's in the back of a closet.

Carrot says hi. He's on the cusp of learning to walk, and at that really busy 1-year-old stage. No more cuddly baby! Now he's on the go and might, if you're lucky, sit still for a momentary cuddle.

None of this, now, has anything to do with my new goal-setting-stock-taking mood, does it?
I'm so distractible these days!
But here goes. By summer's end, I'd like to:
*finish most of my WIPs
*lose 15 pounds (that's the compromise between the do-able 10 and the desired 20) by eating healthy and walking/exercising more
*have the house in much better shape, maybe even ready for new carpeting
*have the garage door replaced and the garage semi-emptied, and the storage unit gone (this means moving A LOT of things out!)
*get my yarns organized
*get my fabric organized
*find my sewing machine table, get that set up, and work on some of my quilting WIPs and UFOs. Hey, there's a quilt that has needed quilting on it--it's got a few blocks hand-quilted, but I'll finish it by machine--for the last 20-mumble-years. UFO or WIP? Plus, there's a couple of projects that would make good classes if they were finished quilts instead of tops. And there's a giant stack of boxes of my "charity quilt" stuff, too. Time to get back to that!
Well, that's enough for now. I think I'll print out this list and post it at the top of my computer to remind me of what I need to be doing instead of sitting here... And yes, I will be honest and report my successes as well as my failures!


Sheepish Annie said...

Since summers are my time off, I always make a list of things I will be doing to make my life better. I am now able to accept the fact that I won't do them all. I like to think I'll get to half of them. I think my lists may be a bit to ambitious!

Simon looks so comfy with the afghan...suddenly I want a nap.

mary said...

Bravo on your goals!

Madge said...

Good luck reaching your summer goals!

That's one spiffy granny square afghan you rescued.

Ellen Bloom said...

Marie! That's a true "Ombre" granny afghan. It's gorgeous and an inspiration. You've made my spirits soar!!!

Sarah-Hope said...

Carrott is a doll! Sorry you're getting less cuddling, but isn't it fun to watch them take on the world?

I just had a summer kids hat published on MagKnits--in case you're looking for something to protect his little nose. (Hope you'll forgive the self-promtion--I'm just tickled about having my work out in the world.)