Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday is for Things I Like

Bronze horse heads. Spent the day yesterday at the Autry Museum in Los Angeles. This was the only picture I took all day. Imagine! But this had me fascinated. Up close, it does not resemble a horse at all. But a little distance and some perspective make the picture clear.
Without stretching a metaphor too far, I can see some interesting parallels with my life and recent events. I sure hope the clarity starts to come soon!

Next up, of course I like roses! I'm especially fond of the big blowsy ones, I think.
This is one of the David Austins on the back fence. One of the Thomas Hardy ones. Had I known there would be a quiz, I'd have written down the names!
Now his name I know. This is my Hi-Hi, aka Highland, aka Pretty Kitty, aka Pudge, etc etc.

Yes, he is as sweet-natured as he looks.
And Simon. He seems to think that soft focus is his best look.
Really, everything is his best look!

And then there are treasures in the mail.
Came home from some loverly knit time in BDM (Beautiful Downtown Montrose)(with KD, CBM, and CK) to find a nice brown box on my porch.
Inside was this treasure trove, from Cabin Cove Mercantile.
Dave does such a nice job of packing. Each of these was wrapped in brown tissue and tied with raffia, and there was a little packet of lavender included too. The colors are, l-r, Ink Blot, Lavender Sky, and Butterscotch. I love the bag, too. Every bag lady needs more bags.
Besides, it has a moose on it. I guess I haven't posted a picture of the Moose Lodge here, have I? (Too lazy to go check now.) I will try to remedy that soon. The basic idea is that Himself got a real kick out of the little moose that wandered around town in Northern Exposure, so the girls (okay, and me too) started giving him all sorts of stuffed moose. Mooses? Meese? Moose critters! He piled them up next to his chair and the joke was that this was his very own Moose Lodge. (The critters have acquired a nice film of dust. Time to give them a tumble in the dryer and fluff all the dust out of them. Himself wouldn't like to see them all dusty and forlorn. Maybe it's time to start doling them out to the next generation??)
Knitting progress continues. Lady Eleanor II has 27 tiers done--she needs a total of 36 to be finished and ready for fringing. CPH got a few more rows done on the fronts today, in fact the right front has the first neck shaping stitches on a holder. Maybe I'll go work on it for a while. I think I'd better, because I'm certainly not taking it along with me to work on while I'm on my trip. (I'm thinking maybe Birch, cause the yarn is fine and the needles are too--but lace? on an airplane? Hmm...)


pacalaga said...

I LOVE moose! I have zillions of them around the house myself. Nice yarn, too - I hoped to get some but it was mostly sold out by the time I noticed Dave had updated his store! :-(

jillian said...

What eye candy! Cutie kitties and a fabulous package! So nice to hear the care he takes in packaging.

Madge said...

Yay for moose. And felines. And YARN.