Thursday, March 08, 2007

UFO Roundup

Yes, I know I haven't posted much about the UFO situation around here. It's hard to come to terms with the critters when you're 500 miles north of them. Thus, it's easy to blissfully shop for yarn while ignoring what's hiding at home.
But I have plans for some of this yarn. First, there's a view of the first layer of the box that's going out today. (I send this sort of thing to the XRX offices, where they pass it along to their local prison, which has a program where inmates can earn the privilege of knitting. They make stuff for the kids on the local reservation. A great win-win for all!)
Next up, two UFOs that have been lurking in bags and boxes. One is a pink fuzzy sweater out of Paton's Divine. I was going to put it in the box but then I relented. I think I still like the fabric it's making, and it would be a nice little sweater for one of the granddaughters.

Then we have the notorious cotton denim--Elann's Den-m-nit, in ecru. I love the look of the finished sweaters--I have blanked out the designs on the cover and won't show you which one I'm making, due to some copyright issues which AS pursues rather vigorously. I'm doing Inishmaan. This book is, as far as I know, still in print and was available from several sources. Great patterns! I just don't know if I can knit a whole sweater out of string. I'd better adjust--I have quite a bit of this stuff.

A half-ball or so of these little guys. I made a scarf out of them and it went to my DIL. I was going to make another one but I am SO over fuzzy sparkly yarns...

Last layer of the box. Note t hat large lump of white in the front--that is another UFO that is now going bye-bye. I'll let the guys unravel her. It was going to be the cover capelet from Knitting On the Edge--see the little sample pink knitted rose there? I may make the capelet yet (D3 requested it, in ivory) but not in this yarn (LB Jiffy). In fact, I'm going on a hunt now for more of this stuff, which will go to a different charitable group, the shawl knitters. Hey, I'm working on a shawl for them out of Jiffy, too, but I know I just don't want to do any more than finish the current one. Spoiled by all that good alpaca and merino and STR and Yarn Pirate and... Yes, my STR club yarn arrived. I'll blog it, and the YP that came from Seattle Marie yesterday. Today I'm on a purge binge! and besides, I don't want to post any spoilers.


Sheepish Annie said...

I do love a good round-up! And when it is for a good cause, so much the better... When the STR box arrives, I say it's a "take no prisoners" mentality!!! You just have to move it all to the top of the list!

mary said...

I think I'm the last person on the earth to receive her STR club yarn! :( Is there room to add my acryli-stash to the box? I have a shopping bag full but would be happy to stuff anything that will fit in the corners.

Allison said...

Don't you feel so clean when you thin the stash! And for such a good cause! I have never even thought about sending UFO's too!

Madge said...

Kudos on sprucing up your stash by donating to charity!