Monday, August 07, 2006

Happiness Is...

Getting close to the end of the eternal edging on the LaLa shawl! One of the unfair laws of the knitting universe is that, the larger you make something triangular that grows from the inside out, the more miles and miles of edging you have to knit. I'm thinking this one came to about 3.5 miles, right Joan?? Mary did some stash enhancement on her trip North...
As far as my personal knitting life goes, well, it's in a bit of a funk. Oh, I'm coming right along with the navy blue shawl (which is half practice piece and half prayer shawl), but the Pea Pod baby sweater? In the fluorescent green? Well, I should know better than to try to start that sort of pattern in the midst of a tie-dye frenzy. It's a simple chart, 15 stitches. Except that I was reading it left to right, instead of right to left, on the right side rows. Now that I'm 12 rows in, and realizing what happened, I have to decide to either:
1. bite the bullet and rip the whole thing back to the ribbing--137 stitches per row, mostly stockinette.
2. keep on the way I've been going and see what happens.
3. rip down the offending 15 stitches and re-knit them the right way. This is a lace pattern. (Shh! Don't tell the little guy's parents I'm putting LACE on his sweater!)
Day off tomorrow, so maybe I'll tackle it. We'll see. Otherwise it will be coming to SnB with me for a good shot of moral support.


jillian said...

Everyone has a little funk now and then. Your knitting mojo will return!

Sachi said...

You're cute. Thanks for visiting my silly little blog.

I know that only certain moths eat wool. I just don't know what they look like, LOL! Plus I have that whole girly, icky-bug reaction when something like that lands on me.

BTW, Nice blog!


Joan said...

I thought I'd never come to the end of the ruffles on that shawl! LOL The little green sweater will be worth finishing, it is a cute one.
The onesies are pretty-can't wait to see your yarn, too.