Thursday, July 20, 2006

Repeat after me:

Doesn't everyone have a cute bear keeping the monitor warm?? I haven't given this guy a name, he's just Bear, but isn't he sweet? He showed up in my Easter basket a couple of years ago, because D3 is just as big a sucker as I am for a cute face and a big nose and a cuddly shape!

On to other matters. This is NOT going to turn into a baby blog. Honest! The real reason I put this picture in is to show you the baby quilt. Yeah, the blue one. You kind of have to look closely, but it's a whole-cloth quilt done in pale blue on pale blue. It has a LOT of quilting on it--there are hearts, flowers, a Tree of Life in the center, with lots of little critters in and around the tree. There's a squirrel, and an owl, a lamb, a bunny, birds... take my word for it, okay. It's just a really busy quilt! The irony here is that the quilt came along with me when I first met Baby G, and his mom really really loves it--it goes everywhere with him. You've guessed it--the quilt is the blankie, not the little knitted one. We'll see what The Boy decides when he's a little older, but for now? He's still wrapped in Gramma-love.

His little buddy is named Deryk; he belongs to D4's best friend and is 2 weeks--yes, TWO WEEKS older than our little guy. He's got the smiling and cooing down pat; Baby G is just learning. We figure they will be good playmates when they get a little older!

Yeah... Baby D and Baby G...

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