Saturday, June 10, 2006

Progress Report

This is my MOTW project--the Misery Loves Company Knit-A-Long, the fourth sleeve I've made for this item--as of the end of our SnB day on Wed. Now here it is today:

And a snap of the baby blankie:

Quality knitting time happens when you are sitting in a hotel room with a new baby, his doting mother, his even more doting auntie, and are his delighted grandma (me). New babies sleep a lot. They also make adorable faces. And it's entirely possible to knit, and watch the baby too!


mary said...

Which version of the baby blanket is this? ;) MOTW sweater looks excellent; I hope this one actually gets attached to the body. Happy travels and we'll miss you on Wednesday!

Madge said...

Woo hoo! Look at that MOTW sleeve. Victory is near, and it's yours!

Sounds like you're having a wonderful family visit, too - what a great vacation you're having.

junie said...

Dear Marie:

Ah Ha! A compass on that sleeve. Wow, you have made real progress. Your 4th sleeve? You win the prize for sleeve making my girl.

I don't know whether you are home or in CT but wherever you are, You got the WHOLE WORLD on your knitting needles.

Gorgeous baby boy. I love his cute little button nose.