Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Back Again... in, There and Back Again. Successfully negotiated the marathon plane trip home (gee, I'm glad Atlanta airport has a train to take you the freakin' MILES between gates!) with just about enough time (thanks to LA freeway traffic) to feed the cats and get to my quilting class. There is just something about getting up at 5 am EDT and finally getting back to bed at midnight PDT--thank goodness for coffee!
So here are some pictures of my haul from the East:
This represents several places that I visited, including Webs, Northampton Wools, Northampton Wools Too, Creative Fibers, Sit n' Knit, and Marji's. Note the preponderance of bright crayon-y colors suitable for making baby/toddler gear... and the pattern books for baby stuff, too. I think Grandma has fallen hard in love with the new baby.

Still a little too tired to do much more blogging today--I promise pics of my finished--finished!--MOTW sleeve soon, and a few more interesting things from my travels. I'll spare you the shots of #1 grandson's graduation--we were in the bleachers and it was a little too far to focus but I have some other treats in store. Oh, okay, one more.

This is the most beautiful tree, in full bloom, on the lawn approaching the Soldiers' Home. I don't know what it is, and no one I asked did either. Any ideas?


jillian said...

What a haul - and you went to WEBS?????

I'm sorry - but I have no idea what that tree is.

mehitabel said...

Okay, I did my research, and the tree is a Chinese dogwood, Comus kousa Summer Stars. Can't grow them in SoCal, but the flowers (which are not true flowers; they're bracts, like bougainvillea) apparently stay like this for 2-3 months! What a glorious yard accent!

Madge said...

Ooh, what great yarn booty. Mmm.

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip - grandson and family and yarn - what could be better?

Welcome home!

junie said...

Oh, Yummy! You went to WEBS in person??? Yeah. I only get to go online. I am green with envy.

What a haul you have.

And a finished MOTW sleeve? Will wonders ever cease?

Helen said...

Love the Lorna's Laces yarn! Did you buy that at Sit 'N Knit? That is one of my favorite yarn stores. I was just there on Friday. :)