Wednesday, May 10, 2006

More FOs!!

Today was a great day for finished objects at our SnB! Madge had her finished Wobbly Tote, Robyn finished her first sock, Madge finished another tote (black with a fuchsia skull & crossbones) and I finally put the crocheted edge on the Candleflame shawl. The color on the picture kind of washed out, the sock is quite vibrantly lilac and the fuschia is much deeper--and the black is true black, not gray. The Candleflame looks pretty good--you can barely see the blue edging along the top. It's been quite a while since I did much crochet, but it really comes right back. All it needs now is a quick run through the washer and dryer to "block" it and it will be ready for its trip to Conn. I took more pictures, but I'll spread them out a little. Until I can get a high-speed connection, uploading pictures is heavy going. Funny isn't it, how you can trundle along quite happily with something and then all of a sudden it's just not cutting it any more. Of course, last year I wasn't blogging, didn't even have a digital camera, and my computer--well, let's just say that one wasn't as good as my youngest granddaughters'. Now that I'm on the third replacement of that one, I want more more more! But, high-speed access is now cheaper than dialup, so I'm going to go for it. Tomorrow or the next day. After we find out what's wrong with the phone lines (no dial tone). See what I mean about one thing leading to another?? Much better to keep on knittin'!


jillian said...

Drat - I so wanted to see your condleflame shawl! Thanks for putting up such a big picture. i wish I could have made it this week :(

Madge said...

We have been busy SNBers, haven't we? Thanks for taking and posting photos of all our items; I definitely have to start bringing my camera each week like you do.

Speaking of, I am so impressed by how computer savvy you are! New computers, dsl (it's like manna from heaven after dialup), brave and 21st century...isn't it fun?

Your candleflame is beautiful, and your blue fuzzy shawl is so whimsical and summery. Will you be wearing it to our SNB anniversary lunch?